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Payless waste management of canada

Payless waste management of canada 

 With Payless Waste Management, paying bills has never been easier. You can choose a payment method that suits your needs.

pwm payless waste management canada

 A charge fluctuates with the nationally published price of diesel, and is intended to measure the changes to the cost of diesel, natural gas, and hydrocarbon based fuels and products that PWM operating company use in our overall enterprise. The Environmental Charge is a recurring charge and is typically a fixed percentage (currently, 16%) of all invoice charges, including the Fuel Surcharge, but excluding the Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge and taxes. The Environmental Charge is intended to cover Payless Waste Management’s enterprise-wide environmentally-related costs for its PWM operating company to operate in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, plus an acceptable operating margin. Such enterprise-wide environmental costs include, without limitation, 

  • landfill cover material  
  • engineering, 
  • testing 
  • maintenance 
  • landfills fees
  • other disposal facilities
  • disposal of tires
  • batteries
  • oils 
  • fluids 
  • vehicle emissions 

 payless waste management careers 


Our beliefs provide for our company’s practices and standards. Our values remain constant-world is changing.


 more than gender, race, or ethnicity. It’s about who we are as individuals and we bring to Payless Waste Management every day. OUR VOICE

 Hear about a range of topics including operations, workforce safety and the challenges - opportunities - that lie before us all. We strive to make our world a more sustainable place.


At Payless Waste Management, we care about the environment. We feel a responsibility to leave it to future peoples in better shape.


 We are a North American company, but when it comes to delivering our services, we’re still just a local business.

  waste calgary garbage collection 

payless waste management is able to provide comprehensive waste systems which now includes garbage collection to complement our recycling of cardboard. Offering fully integrated waste systems allows us to align the incentives for program users to be able to meet the requirements of the recycling and organics diversion bylaws successfully and cost effectively.

We serve the garbage collection needs of: 

  • Homes Office Buildings 
  • Retail Businesses 
  • Construction Sites 
  • Shopping Centres 
  • Schools
  • Universities 
  • Theaters
  • Stadiums 
  • Transportation Facilities 
  • Live & Local Customer Support 
  • Your calls are always answered by a helpful local representative
  • an expert in the Southern Alberta area
  • provide the answers you're looking for.

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